4 Insights Gained from a Month-Long Trip to India

#1. Services are Extremely Cheap

The stereotypical traveler to the Gulf for work

#2 The Extreme Income Inequality

In India, there is no concept of a “minimum wage”. Millions of people there live in absolute poverty, in states of being that cannot even imagine. On the other side, there is also a lot of wealth concentrated in India. If you go to the right neighborhoods in Mumbai, like Bandra and Andheri, you will see people living in 60-story high rises, fully decked with tennis courts and swimming pools which can cost more than 1 million dollars for a 3 bedroom apartment.

Example of a Chawl

#3 Cheap 4G Data + Access to Mobile Phones

India according to the Economic Times has the cheapest mobile data in the world. While I was in India, I had a plan that gave me 200 GBS of data (shared across 4 lines) for 15 dollars. Per GB in India it costs, on average, 26 cents while in the US it costs 12 dollars. This is huge 🤯.

#4 Housing is in a Crisis

Mumbai, simply put is overpopulated. There is a lot of people and not a lot of land. Around 22 million are living on a skinny peninsula.

Low-rise housing in India
Poor housing conditions

Final Words

In all, I think I learned a tremendous ton from the trip to India. It gave me a new perspective on life and I experience a totally new culture. Not to mention I ate like 4,000 calories a day there 😂.



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Aaron Lewis

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